Samantha Beckett
Samantha Beckett

Samantha is the project assistant at studio.  Her love for fashion has carried over into her passion for Interior Design, craftsmanship, and color selection.  Her approach to interiors is much like her fashion sense, having a playful creative eye, taking risks and dressing a room with meaningful pieces that tell a story.  She loves scouring the internet and magazines to learn about the latest products and considers herself a procurement specialist.  Samantha wants nothing more than to see the clients smile and she is willing to go above and beyond to make that happen.  Her excitement of watching an idea that started out on paper, then come to life is contagious within the studio environment.  Sam has an easy-going personality and adds to the positive environment we enjoy in the studio.  Samantha has been an Austin Native for five years now with her Husband, two Boys and Cat.  She’s still holding onto the dream of expanding her family by one more… a bunny.

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