Aqualucia - Water + Light

Mixed use, mixed density, phased Master Plan for up to 12,000 residential units, in a high growth corridor between Austin and San Antonio.

The importance of the Heritage of the site comes from the archeological value of the ancient underground river that traverses the site.  Plentiful native Texas stone, naturally abundant water sources, and the history of the Quarry, natural watersheds, and stone deposits, all contribute to the unique character of the landscape.  Historical mining operations will continue throughout the life of the phases of the development in the form of establishing neighborhood lakes as residential amenities, ‘swimming holes’, water parks, and ‘your grandfather’s fish camp’.

Commercial Town Center
Live / Work Residences
Regional Aquatic Center
Public Gardens
Traditional Single Family Residences with variable lot widths
Cluster Products
12 du/ac Triplex Products
15 du/ac Townhomes
25 du/ac Condos
36 du/ac Apartments

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